On Sunday, April 6th, Adam Kranitz wrote in Avid’s blog, “We will introduce the industry’s most open, integrated, and flexible media production and distribution environment—all guided by Avid Everywhere, our strategic vision for the media industry.”

Below are my 5 takeaways from Avid Connect 2014 this weekend.

1) Avid is making a change – a big change. Avid is listening to its customers through their advisory council. A council of industry professionals guiding Avid’s leadership and engineers on what bugs need fixing and what they would like to see in future releases.

2) Avid Everywhere. Avid is Everywhere – that is their new thing. “Jump on the platform,” they say. You will now be able to work with the talent you like to work with – no matter their geographic location. All you need is ISIS storage, Interplay, and an internet connection. Then just hop on Avid’s new platform.

3) The Avid Marketplace. A place for media professionals to store and even sell their assists. It’s only available for audio at this time, but was mentioned that video was part of the plan for the future.

4) Avid MediaCentral Platform. The cool thing about the platform is that it will be open sourced. That means lots of potential 3rd party apps that would integrate into the platform and hopefully make our lives easier. The Avid MediaCentral Platform is what I would call a dashboard – a way to see all your Avid products and services. They announced Media Composer 8.0 will release April 30, 2014 and will be the first version of MC that can access the platform.

5) Subscription based licensing. Avid is pulling the plug and will now be offering subscription based licenses.

Avid customer panel

Avid now calls ACA members family – and that is just the way they treated us this past weekend. I am excited about the future of Avid and what is in store for the future of storytelling.

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