Video being shoot of an old man holding suite on his handSLM: So John, have you ever been on set with SolidLine?
JC: I haven’t been on set since I was an intern. We used a different camera, different lights, took script notes and shot logs, so pretty much everything is different now. I remember driving across the country to South Carolina in the middle of the summer to schlep gear around 140 degree cat walks, and flying out to Telluride, Colorado to help scramble up a mountain with a backpack full of camera batteries and tape stock. It was somewhere between those experiences that I realized a nice air conditioned edit bay was more my style. I’ve got a couch in here and some bobble heads, it’s nice.
SLM: What were some of your responsibilities on set?
JC: When I’m in the edit bay, I know what needs to be done, how to do it, and what standards it needs to meet. Back on set, I felt like I was an intern again. I told Rob and Ali the same thing I told Greg my first day as a PA back in 2011 shooting at Everest Academy. “You say jump, I’ll say how high, where, and what color.” I carried cases, set up lights, moved gear, just general PA tasks.
SLM: What did you enjoy about being with the production crew?
JC: It made me appreciate my edit bay a lot more.

SLM: What did you miss about being back at the office?
JC: Take a bear out of the woods, he’s gonna miss the trees. Take me away from my Avid, I’m going to miss editing. I’d rather be at my computer putting the story together than outside moving things.
SLM: And, lastly… Will you ever help the crew again?
JC: If they need someone to move cases and sit in the back making wise cracks, they know where to find me. Until then, I’ll be wearing out the JKL keys on my key board.

Editor’s Note: by the end of this interview, Johnboy was lying on the couch with his feet in a bucket of ice water while asking for his wife.

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