As I reflect back on the three months I spent as the SolidLine summer intern, LilGregI can only be happy. The experiences I had and the numerous places I went made this summer one of growth and fulfillment. I was unsure at the start of the internship whether or not I was capable of being a helpful production assistant, but SolidLine not only made me feel welcome, but also wanted me to develop as part of their team. They continually were willing to give me a helping hand and immediately allowed me to be included in nearly every part of the production process.

All these experiences enveloped me in the world of video production. When I look back at my SolidLine journey, I will mostly think about the people I met and the many great experiences I had. I will remember that SolidLine not only wanted to produce smart videos, but had passion for their craft. What makes SolidLine successful is their reliance on each other. No day is perfect but, in fact, it doesn’t have to be. In the seeming imperfections of occasional disputes and disagreements, is the successful honing of a well-produced video.
I thank SolidLine for giving me the opportunity to step into their world.
All the best,
Little Greg-Lil Greg-Rusty

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