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The Right Video for the Platform

When the Cisco report came out in 2018, video was in the process of transforming from a single marketing channel to what it has become today: the foundation of entire business strategies. Video is such an effective and popular medium that 50% of consumers prefer consuming video content from brands over any other content. And brands are finding that not only do consumers prefer video content, but that video content increases conversion rates on landing pages by more than 80 percent. But it’s important to “read the room” when it comes to using video content on social media platforms – using the right type of video content can be the difference between wasted advertising revenue and a top-converting ad campaign.

On Twitter, Become a Master of the Short-Form Clip

Just like the newly expanded 280 character limit on the streaming microblogging site, it’s important that video content posted to Twitter be short and high-impact. It’s a fantastic platform for 3D animation, which allows bold visuals on the screen to tell the story quickly and cinematically without relying on sound. Use the platform to tease other content on other platforms or new products or services. Engages with viewers in personal responses to consumer inquiries.

Focus on Branding and Longer Formats On Facebook

On the other end of the video content spectrum, Facebook is the perfect platform for longer-form, high production value video content. However, the most important aspect of posting Facebook videos is to ensure the video works without sound. Whether you let the content speak for itself or rely upon animated subtitles and calls to action, it’s important to remember that users tend to let video content play without sound, so your content strategy must adapt to this user behavior.

Instantly Get Their Attention on Instagram

While Twitter is known for the short form, it’s Instagram that pioneered the instaplay format. Videos automatically start playing as you scroll to them, requiring content creators to create video content that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention and draws them into the video. Because the video auto-plays without sound, it must do this without audio on the front end. Again, this is a platform where 3D animation performs well, as animated content can be designed for maximum visual impact. Coupled with high definition video production, you can gain the attention of potential consumers quickly and filter them through effective calls to action back to your website and conversion infrastructure.

Without a CTA, Consider Your Video DOA

As we mentioned for each social media platform, a video posted without a clear and powerful call-to-action is useless as a marketing tool. In order to get the most out of any video you post online, it’s important that they lead back to your most effective landing pages. Think of video content as a gateway that must be opened in order for potential customers to continue their customer journey. If there’s no call to action, then the video becomes a door with a brick wall behind it. Give them somewhere to go once the video has served its purpose of gaining their attention.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg, SolidLine Media Can Help Reveal Powerful Video Strategies for Your Brand

These are just some of the best practices you should follow in developing your social media video marketing strategy. Do you shoot video in a rectangular format, or do you shift to a square format? Should you front-load all of your branding or hold it back for the end of the video? How should you adjust your approach for live video? We can answer these and other questions while we work with your team remotely on your next 3D animation project or high definition video production. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we’re safely working with clients to create new marketing video content to help sustain your brand through these difficult times.

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