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The Exponential Growth of Social Media Video Marketing

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are great for brand building and video marketing. And of these, Facebook has seen some of the most intense view increases over the past few years. In fact, a social video intelligence product by Tubular called DealMaker measured the number of views for company videos, and found that they had increased by 258% on Facebook during Q2 of 2017 in comparison to Q2 2016. Youtube saw an impressive increase as well, with branded video views growing by 99% during that same timeframe.

Views and Engagements

While views are incredibly important for your video to gain traction, what you really want is increased engagement. Thankfully, there are a number of different ways to approach increasing this interaction, whether it is eye-grabbing visuals, a catchy musical accompaniment, or an inspiring story.

In Dr. Karen Nelson-Field’s book, titled Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing, she talks about her research regarding emotional responses and its effects on shares and engagements. She noted that positive emotions like happiness and hilarity get 40% more shares than a video with negative emotions. She also found that videos needed to be at least a few minutes in length to elicit emotional pull.

To create this reaction in a viewer, there are multiple elements that need to be carefully planned.

  • First, the video must be genuine and allow the viewer to feel trust in the originator of the video. Without this trust, a viewer will have a hard time letting themselves feel empathetic towards it.
  • The video must also have a good story or message to it, as well as well-planned shots and an appropriate musical backdrop to help pull reactions from a viewer.

We Know Video Production

If you’re looking to improve your social media engagement, video can help make that dream a reality. Just keep in mind that not all video production companies are created equal, and you get what you pay for.

At SolidLine Media, we specialize in promotional marketing, corporate video production, and social media video production. We can help you stand out from your competitors with engaging, memorable videos that’ll go the distance. What’s more, we have an award-winning in-house crew that will come to you without extra travel expenses tacked on. We encourage you to check out our best work so you can see for yourself why clients love us and our work is so successful.

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