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In this blog, SolidLine Media provides insight on how to market and execute your next live web streaming event, and how their SolidLive platform is a unique and valuable solution for businesses facing these challenges.

Have a Strategy Leading Up to the Streaming Event

In the past, companies might have been able to get away with live streaming corporate events and conferences for free to give consumers and potential clients insight into what it’s like to do business with their brand. In the current economic landscape, it’s important for businesses to commodify and monetize what they can to provide meaningful and value-added experiences to their customers. In this sense, every corporate event or conference can now be considered a virtual event, and it’s crucial that streaming such events is not only executed in the moment properly, but they receive the proper lead up to the event to maximize the return on the investment of broadcasting the event

Create a Buzz Leading Up to the Event

If you’re planning to live stream annual events that you already traditionally market to your client base, it’s even more important that you land the marketing and advertising buzz for the now virtual version of the event. Ensure you have designed a program that can easily be presented in a live web stream – and then market the value of the program across your social media channels. Reconsider your marketing efforts and outlets and ensure that your dollars spent on print or other advertising in the past match up with current consumer online behaviors and that you’re promoting your event where potential attendees are already bound to be looking. Create shareable video content and posts across social media designed to build and sustain a buzz leading up to your event. 

Position the Stream as a “Peek Behind the Scenes” and Offer Exclusive Access to Followers

As you prepare for the live stream, you’ll be talking to presenters, setting up the physical space where you plan to stream from with your staff, and preparing them to manage and oversee the virtual event. Provide behind the scenes glimpses to your followers to show the effort you’re putting into the virtual event to reassure them that just like the in-person events they’ve attended with your organization in the past, your upcoming virtual event is not to be missed. Invite them to share with their own networks and offer incentives to do so.  

Time the Event to Coincide with a Product Launch or Service Offering 

While you might be preparing for your usual annual conference or corporate gathering, raise the stakes by coupling the event with a new product launch or the launch of a new service. This will bring an added level of value and traffic to the event.

You Bring the Cameras, We’ll Bring SolidLive

Once the time comes for your virtual event, you don’t want anything ruining the experience. That means clean, dedicated feeds for your presenters, professional-grade production values, and motion graphics to tie it all together. Sounds daunting right?

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to do all of that on your own. As long as you have the cameras onsite and you coordinate with your presenters to ensure everyone is where they should be, and the cameras are rolling, SolidLine Media can handle the rest. We understand streaming media, and the significant impact professional production methods can have on the revenue generation potential for online events. That’s where SolidLive becomes an invaluable tool to your organization. Our innovative remote production platform brings polish and finesse to your streaming content matched only by an actual in-studio production experience. Learn more about how the platform can manage multiple incoming live-feeds to create a low-cost, high-quality presentation you can easily sell to clients and maximize the profits of your online streaming efforts.

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