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It Starts With the Right YouTube Video Editing Software

It’s only slightly hyperbolic to say that there’s as many video editing software platforms out there as there are stars on YouTube. Despite the density in the field of editing software, three platforms seem to be favorite by top-performing creators, depending mostly on budget and which technology platform they prefer.

Final Cut Pro

Television and movie studios tend towards this professional video editing software suite. It requires a higher level of expertise and skill, but in skilled hands, the resulting videos are on par with modern Hollywood productions.


Apple has managed over the years to position their products in a way that the premium price point has created an expectation with users that the base operating system will include high quality software solutions. The iMovie software product is a perfect example of high quality software included with not only desktop operating systems but also with mobile phones and tablets, putting the power of a professional video editing suite into the hands of every-day content creators.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe, creator of many creative software solutions, is a company known for creating powerful solutions with a robust array of features built on a simple to use graphical user interface. This ease of access and polished interface makes it extremely popular with YouTubers both professional and those looking to make a name for themselves.

Using The Editing Process to Enhance and Expand

During the editing process, video makers have the opportunity to create an entirely different look and feel from the static footage they shot in the moment.

Add Visual and Audio Effects

Video editing software can help YouTubers create visually engaging and dynamic effects that make the final product pop on the screen. Even shooting in well-lit studios with professional lighting, colors can get washed out and muted. Software allows creators to artificially color correct footage, resulting in a more dramatic on-screen visual. These programs also allow editors to enhance transitions and create an onscreen narrative with on-screen graphics and instructions.

Don’t forget that audio plays a powerful role in the effectiveness of a YouTube video. Editing and clipping out dead air between segments of your presentation will give your video more urgency and a pace that appeals to viewers looking for fast, easily accessible content. Similarly including music in an appropriate style and volume can add life to a video presentation

Shoot Plenty of B-Roll to Flesh Out the Final Product

Alternative material shot in conjunction with the main video can greatly enhance the overall quality of your final video. This B-Roll footage allows a clever video editor to show a more varied presentation of their brand and topic. It also allows them interesting and engaging ways to hide mistakes or awkward performances with great audio without having to reshoot. Extra video footage also allows you to leverage the true power of video by allowing you to not only educate them with the speaker’s words, but also show and demonstrate with visuals.

Leverage Angles, Zoom to Add Variety to the Presentation

There’s nothing more boring to watch than a static, unchanging shot of a person talking. With the right tools and footage, you can mimic subtle zooming techniques to give the viewer slight changes in perspective during viewing that will help make video more engaging.

Video Editing Services To Help Grow Your Brand on YouTube

At SolidLine Media, our goal is to help our clients create powerful and engaging video content that they can use on any platform. Video editing for YouTube requires extra care in order to stand out from the crowd, and our Chicago-based media production team is ready to help you bring your content to the next level.
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