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It Helps You Stand Out

Your potential customers have seen sales pitch after sales pitch. You probably already know that you need yours to stand out, but maybe you’ve been fuzzy on the “how.” Fortunately, videos could be just what you need! Incorporating videos in the pitch can boost click-through rates and response rates.

Video Can Help You Connect With Customers

If you’re doing a sales pitch over text, like in an email, simple words on a page can leave out a lot. Tone and body language can be far more important than the words you write down, so sending a video of yourself actually speaking about what you’re selling can make a big difference. It can help your customers see you as more than just a company or person trying to make a sale. Video makes it easier to connect.

It Can Add a Personal Touch

On that same note, it’s easy enough to personalize a video for a particular client. If there’s a “must land” customer, taking the extra effort to send something other than the typical sales pitch can help you stand out and help your potential new customer feel more valued.

You Can Show the Product in Action

One of the most effective additions to a sales pitch can be a video of the product in action. Don’t just tell the customer what the product can do. Show it. Seeing video proof of capabilities or results can enhance your sales pitch and make whatever you’re selling a lot more memorable. Anyone can tell you something is great. Show your potential customers that what you’re selling is worthwhile

Consumers Want More Video Content

Another good reason to incorporate videos is that many studies show that consumers actually want more video content. It’s not a burden to make them watch a video. It’s actually a preferred way to get information and learn more about the products they’re buying. Give the people what they want.

You Can Tell Your Story

Videos are simply a more effective way to tell your story, and prospective customers want to hear it. Telling the story of your business as part of a sales pitch can help you connect and stand out from the crowd, and video is the best way to do that. A paragraph in an email about the history of your company and what you want to accomplish is easy to skim over in an email. In a video, it’s a great way to connect with your customer and let them know that you’re more than just someone selling them something.

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