Two young man laughingTo say the least, my arrival as a new intern at SolidLine Media was filled with excitement. I moved to a new city, started living on my own, and was learning the ropes of the professional world. Admittedly, excited as I was, I hoped I could be beneficial to SolidLine’s successful production team. The question I kept asking myself was, “How can I be an integral part of a team so successful while only being a college kid who still has so much to learn?” Thankfully, I was left no time to ruminate. On my second day, I was shipped off to Baltimore with Greg and Ed for a shoot with MedStar. In just 48 hours, I was thrust into SolidLine and immediately became and felt a part of the team. My skepticism disappeared. The trip was a great introduction to a summer that I can tell is rarely going to have a dull moment.

Interview of an old lady being featuredTo my surprise, on the trip, I wasn’t given the back seat. Instead, I drove the rental Chrysler Town and Country in Baltimore rush hour. While my own mother would have been back-seat driving, Greg and Ed were calm, cool, and collected – even when I had to take an emergency stop! Something that really stood out to me while only being a part of SolidLine for this short period of time is the team’s drive to be successful, while also enjoying the process. They want what is best for the clients and the business, but most importantly they want to build lasting relationships with the people they work with and produce content for. The beauty of this is that SolidLine enjoys their work and their passion for it is evident daily.
As a new member, I also felt the team’s desire to build a relationship with me. I can’t say enough about how helpful and willing everyone has been to involve me in their work. I am looking forward to many more trips and opportunities to learn and expand my comfort zone. When I shed blood while retrieving equipment I couldn’t help but think – is this a blood oath of my loyalty and commitment as the SolidLine summer intern? If so, I’m all in.

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