SolidLine recently had the exciting challenge to film interviews in 10 different countries and produce 16 videos for a global CEO Awards event. The videos debuted featuring employees talking about the accomplishments their teams had in 2016 on special projects. SLM Executive Producer, Greg Vass, headed up the project and coordinated various crews in Germany, Singapore, Pakistan, Brazil, China, Colombia, Mexico, UK, Korea, and the United States. Our Editors were put to the test with footage coming in from all over the world, but they stayed organized and knocked out all the videos. The project was a great success for SolidLine, and the global CEO Awards show went off flawlessly.

“A lot of pre-production coordination goes into a project of this scale,” states Vass. “Because of the quick timeline, we weren’t able to film everything ourselves, so we worked as a team to ensure footage from each country matched through a rigorous process that included detailed spec sheets and connecting via FaceTime live to the filming in progress around the world to produce from afar. Everyone at SolidLine was involved in this project. This was our fifth year producing this project and I am so proud of the work our crew does together to make it happen.”

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