Oh, hi there. I suppose you could say that I’ve been a little lax with my intern blogging duties, but don’t worry, I’m here now. Have a seat and I’ll bring you up to speed on my summer as an intern.
I’ve done my fair share of traveling in my 22 years. I’ve been everywhere from the Canadian tundra to Bahamian beaches. I’ve seen a lot of truly beautiful places, but nothing tops the trip the SolidLine crew took to Telluride, Colorado. Telluride exemplifies the quintessential small mountain town. They don’t have any national chains, busy traffic, or oxygen.

I mean come on. Look at that. Waking up to that kind of scenery every morning was not terrible at all.

Out in Telluride, we were filming a patient safety conference for Transparent Health. They had flown in some of the top doctors, med students, and patient safety advocates from around the world to discus how to change the culture of medicine and medicine education in regards to patient safety. Over four I had the chance to meet some very interesting people who had an obvious passion for their work.

Probably the most challenging day of the shoot was also one of the most enjoyable. Some of the members of the conference decided to take a little hike up to a water fall. Now, those of you familiar with the Rocky MOUNTAINS realize there is no such thing as a “little hike.” I mean, you’re in the mountains. Walking across the street can get your heart rate up.

Well, being the dedicated crew that we are, we hauled our gear up the trail and documented some seriously amazing shots. At one point I was even able to get underneath the waterfall with one of our small water proof GoPro cameras. The footage wasn’t exactly what you might call “usable” but the experience will definitely go in the memorable category.

So lets do a quick recap. Beautiful town, fascinating people, no oxygen. That about sums up the SoldLine Telluride experience. I’m sure I’ll be doing plenty more traveling both this summer and beyond, but anywhere I go will be hard pressed to live up to the town of Telluride.


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