Like the last can of an Anti-Hero six pack, like Kevin Smith’s career being fun to follow, and like Winter coming to a close, all good things must come to an end. Alright, scratch that last one, I rode my bike in shorts and a t-shirt the other night and it was glorious. BUT! my point still stands. The Final Four marks the beginning of the end of another awesome college basketball season, and with it, our 2015 SolidLine Media bracket challenge. While the NCAA has to wait until Monday to crown a champion, our bracket will be decided by the outcome of the UW-Kentucky game Saturday night. Because of possible points, and like-picks, and other things, this year’s champion will be either Adam

“Bourbon, Basketball, and Racehorses” Marzec or Ed “Cheese Curds” Boe. Let’s take a look at our head to head match up.

Adam needs Kentucky to win to claim his title. Which makes sense. Adam, like Kentucky, has been in the driver’s seat of this bracket the whole time. He’s had a few scares, but each round he’s come out on top with his eye on that prize at the end of the tunnel. Adam, also like most of the Kentucky players, is a projected NBA 2015 Lottery Pick, and while we’ll be sad to see him leave SolidLine Media, we wish him well in the NBA. Go get em, Marzec!
Ed Boe hopes to see Wisconsin avenge its heart breaking, soul crushing, dream haunting loss from last year’s Final Four. He lays awake at night, picturing that Aaron Harrison shot, knowing that if he had just cheered a little harder, his beloved Badgers would have moved on. Or maybe that was me, I mix us up a lot.
Any-hoo, check back next week to find out who took home Sports’ Ultimate Victory Prize of Awesomeness (trademark pending). Or don’t, I’m just a guy typing a blog, not the police.
Check out the SolidLine Media standings here.

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