Dearest nature, dearest land, dearest mankind. I hereby speak to you on this joyous, last internship shift duty. Now, don’t mistake these words for that of any negative connotation. Oh, no, for I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the blissful experiences offered by the SolidLine Media company outfit located in Chicago city, USA. Their dealings and creations amaze many souls, and have most definitely awakened my imagination! Oh, shall I speak of the fancy machinery and electronic circuitry! The implements and apparatuses that I have handled would scare the life out of even the noblest nobility and expert patrons of the sciences! Wizard-magic does indeed run rampant within the walls of the SolidLine Media business. We transported ourselves in gigantic sky-ships called “airplanes” and captured people’s actual movements with “digital” mechanisms! Digital, I tell thee! Oh, the futuristic sorcery!
All right, enough of that…
Travis-copy-e1418852566166I did, indeed, have a blast during my internship! From operating a live camera in Vegas to prepping/running the teleprompter in the SLM studio (and on-location)–it has all helped me gain a better understanding of video production techniques and all of its various stages/processes. I want to thank Greg, Michael, Ali, Kevin, Ed, John, Mike, and Adam for taking the time to show me how to either set something up, break something down, and/or even move something (like video in Avid, or graphics in an Adobe program) around.
It was a HUGE (mostly financial) decision for me to accept the position. No regrets. Now it’s time to seek employment! I’m looking into getting paid work (most likely at the production assistant level) at either a post house, local television/news show, or wedding videography company. For the rest of the year, however, I’m on vacation. My lovely senorita and I are heading to Omaha tomorrow morning. Plus, we’re getting there via a rental car! Woot-woot! It may sound weird, but I can’t wait to drive. And, of course, visit family and friends 🙂
Thanks, again, SolidLine Media crew! It’s been an awesome 3 1/3 months! And if your next intern is taller than me, then I shall challenge him/her to a duel! A duel utilizing C-stands! Oh, the majestic craftsmanship that goes into forging a properly constructed C-stand!
Take care!

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