Recently, SolidLine’s production crew found themselves on location in the Boston/Cambridge area for a shoot at Harvard University. We filmed a couple of interviews at Harvard’s Faculty Club for the folks at Transparent Health. It took three days to get both there and back. We set up, interviewed two people, and broke down our equipment in three hours time. The combined footage used from this trip will amount to about 15 minutes of on-screen time.

Was it worth it, you ask, to devote so much time and effort travelling, and filming out of state? Will the finished product be that much better as a result? In a word…YES!

Whenever you are filming anything, whether it’s interviews, b-roll footage, a scene for your blockbuster summer movie, it is always best to serve the story. The story in this case surrounds the medical profession, so the actual story took place in hospitals, operating rooms, and featured doctors and healthcare workers who are associated with places like Harvard Medical School. So in order to serve the story, as well as provide a visually compelling back drop for the viewer we actually filmed at Harvard. We actually filmed inside of hospitals, and interviewed people in operating rooms. Could we have all the interviews inside of a hotel room? Sure. Would it have hurt the authenticity of the story to do it? You bet!


Harvard University has a very rich and complex history, and by filming there we are able to borrow from that legitimacy and use it to our advantage.  If we were to film each of the interviews in a hotel room, or on a sound stage, or, heaven forbid, in a conference room, for each minute of set up time that we would save, we lose so much in terms of quality.  The video suffers as a result.  That type of loss in quality cannot be re-gained through any means other than going back out and re-filming the scene the way it should have been filmed in the first place.

At SolidLine, we take pride in doing the best quality work that we can.  Our tried and true method of doing this is to continually film at the locations that not only have a visual flair, but also provide substance for the story.

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