If you’re a new business owner, or somehow part of the 14% of businesses that haven’t jumped on the video marketing bandwagon, SolidLine Media’s production team is here to walk you through a standard video production cycle. We’ll even throw in a short overview of the portions of the process where you can expect significant costs going at it on your own and how outsourcing the process could save you the same costs.  

The Three

Stages of Video Production

When it comes to video production, the team at SolidLine Media has developed a fairly solid process. We’ve come to consider this process as our trusted roadmap guiding us from concept to final product flawlessly throughout more than a thousand productions for clients across dozens of industries. With the pandemic limiting large productions and many clients doing their part to participate in some way with the production process, we thought it would be helpful to present our community with this general overview of our process. Follow along to learn how you can contribute to the process and to know what to anticipate from start to finish.


Every project starts with an all-hands planning meeting. At this stage, we work with clients to determine the goals of the video and go over the initial creative vision, if the client has something already in mind. This gives everyone a chance to start the project on equal footing. 

Our marketing team then researches the client’s existing marketing materials to establish the brand’s look and feel. Once we have a style sheet in place, our writers and creative team craft a script around the initially established goals. Talent is then matched to the script and the production team creates a shot list and starts identifying locations to shoot. 


With the groundwork complete, the production process could go several ways depending on current restrictions due to the pandemic. For traditional productions, SolidLine Media handles the shoots and handles narration or audio recording as necessary. In situations where pandemic restrictions would cause limitations for our team to handle video production, we’ve provided tools and resources for our clients to capture the raw video footage themselves and provided a way to upload that material to our teams for post-production processing. In either case, our design team works with the footage throughout production to create any visuals and graphics that will be necessary for the final video.


In the last phase, our production team edits together raw footage with high definition editing equipment and folds in any motion graphics, 3D animation, or other content outside of the raw footage. The team then starts the process of iterating with the client through the editing stage to arrive at the final cut of the video. 

Cost Considerations

There’s an extremely long, complicated, and detailed discussion behind the question of how much a high-quality video should cost to produce that is well beyond the scope of this conversation, but we can provide some insight into some of the factors that can impact the pricing.

  • What type of marketing video content are you looking for? Explainer videos, product videos, event videos–each of these types of video have an ideal length. The length of the video will greatly impact costs.
  • Production value will have an impact on overall costs. Live-action videos require actors, location costs, and other considerations. Animated video projects, on the other hand, have other cost considerations that must be taken into account. In either case, sound recording and editing will have their associated costs, and heavy editing in the post-production phases will increase those costs.
  • Poor planning on the front end will lead to extensive reshoots and edits on the back-end, where those changes to the overall project will cost money.

For a more detailed breakdown, there’s an article on Medium that, while it’s a few years out of date, still provides an excellent breakdown in where a full video production can expect to spend significant portions of the budget.

SolidLine Media is Chicago’s Premiere Video Production Partner

Video production is a time-consuming process and requires a wide array of fairly expensive and specialized equipment. Unless your organization anticipates going into the video marketing business, your offices aren’t likely to have it in the budget to take on the full range of tasks necessary for producing your marketing material in-house. That’s where SolidLine Media’s remote video resources and a full range of production services come into play for business throughout Chicago. When you’re ready to produce your first advertising video, start with a call to our offices, and we can come up with a game plan from there.

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