Considering all this, it might seem like video production is a no-brainer for your business. Video production is an investment of your resources, and if you’re going all in on it, you want to make sure your video is designed to maximize engagement with your audience. Unfortunately, sometimes this is easier said than done – especially if video production is a relatively new item on your to-do list.

The flipside is that it isn’t that difficult to optimize your video for engagement, especially with a little guidance. To illustrate, here are five easy ways to maximize engagement and reach with your video content.

Know Your Audience

It’s one of the most practical pieces of advice you’ll hear, and it’s also one of the most overlooked. When you produce a video, it’s tempting to want to market towards the broadest audience possible, in hopes of maximizing the return on your investment. The problem is that broad, general content offers little in terms of engagement. Narrow your focus, really understand the audience your video is intended for, and learn how to appeal to them.

Aesthetics Matter

It might seem like everyone is out there shooting “natural”, candid videos with their phones, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. That natural look that has such broad appeal is carefully cultivated through lighting, location, and production techniques. These details also matter when your video is produced on location or in a more professional setting. Aesthetics are crucial for visual appeal and keeping audiences engaged.

Know Your Limits

Video being captured of the two young boysYou might have a lot to say in your video, but that doesn’t mean that your audience will want to hang around long enough to listen. Videos used for marketing purposes, social media, and on your website should be short and sweet. Depending on the platform, your audience, and your goals, a video that runs in the range of 2-3 minutes can be super effective.

Be Concise

One of the reasons that video is so popular is that it appeals to our short attention spans. Play into this by keeping the message of your video concise. Make the point of your video known in the first few seconds and then trim away all the unnecessary “fat” that might become distracting to the viewer.

Be Professional

You have a lot on the line when it comes to investing in video production. Don’t waste your resources by skimping on production, the quality of equipment, or the professional staff that helps bring your video content to life. These are all pieces of the overall picture that contribute to great video content.

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