Dylan’s Intern Diary – Part 5
By Dylan Ptak, SolidLine Summer Intern
My time here at SolidLine is nearing and end and I must say it is bitter sweet. It’s bitter because I had such a great time this summer and I’m bummed that I won’t have the pleasure of working with all these great people anymore. It’s sweet because I’m excited to get out there and start applying all of the things I’ve learned here over the past three months.

I recently returned from a SLM shoot in San Diego, CA. We were there shooting B-roll and interviews for SolidLine’s clients Qvidian, at their annual Intern day-5convention. Not a bad location to go work at, I must say. Besides all of the hard work we put in capturing good footage of the people and their interactions at the convention, we also were able to have a lot of fun in the process. One thing that comes to mind is the night I accompanied Qvidian’s wonderful mascot Qwin to a beach party. The crowd was very happy to see Qwin made the trek down to the beach and he received a warm welcome. After Qwin’s visit was sufficiently documented we were able to enjoy great food and drinks on the beach with everyone. The great thing about SLM shoots is everyone works hard and is very professional on set during working hours, then we are still able to kick back and have a good time after the cameras stop rolling. It was like a mini vacation between working, it was very nice.

For my final trip as an intern with SLM I will be flying down to Orlando, FL Grp photo intern day-5with the crew to help produce a live show on the convention floor of the ASUG convention. We’ll be staying in the heart of Disney World so the little boy in me is getting very excited. I’m very grateful for my time at SolidLine Media and will look back on it fondly. It definitely helped me gain a lot of knowledge and perspective on the world of video production and I plan to use that knowledge in the future. I just want to thank everyone here at SLM for the great summer they showed me, and I want to wish SolidLine lots of luck in the future as the company expands and keeps producing very smart videos.

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