We woke up early this morning at mere 8,750 feet above sea level. Somewhere around three and a half hours later we found ourselves standing at just over 9,700 feet above sea level and at the base of a waterfall that rose directly overhead approximately another sixty feet. A morning that began at Bear Creek Lodge ended back at the base of the bear creek trailhead, right in downtown Telluride.

With our bags packed full of gear and cameras in hand, the SolidLine crew hiked – and occasionally ran – in tow of the Telluride Roundtable students as they made their way to the trail’s summit. In the third day of the weeklong event we were able to show the students in a setting that was both beguiling and conducive to getting both the blood and ideas flowing.

After a morning that provided both a physical and mental workout for everyone involved, the second half of the day was spent in a more intimate capacity as we sat down back at Bear Creek Lodge with roundtable leaders Tim McDonald and then Dave Mayer. These interviews, oddly enough, went on without interruption and we were able to log some great sound bytes from the two men who pioneered this program. This is invaluable input that certainly had a profound impact on what we’ve learned this weekend and will eventually have on the message that is delivered in our finished production.

In what was our last full day of filming may have perhaps proven to be the most eventful. The amount of footage we’ve taken thus far is staggering and what’s more impressive is the quality of it in its entirety. The price of today’s footage will undoubtedly leave us in some degree of physical pain in the morning but without question won’t compare to that which will later be felt when we have no choice but to pack up the truck and leave.

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