While 1,361.6 miles away from the bustling downtown Chicago offices of SolidLine Media, the temporary headquarters and shoot location in Telluride, Colorado has proven that the size of the town does not necessarily dictate the frequency or volume of the noises it exudes. Between the wildlife, wind, and various outdoor activities, Telluride has also exemplified a paradigm of the inverse relationship between the level of noise a vehicle makes and the speed at which it travels. Despite all this, day two of filming the Telluride Patient Safety Roundtables has consistently provided breathtaking shots with the help of our natural surroundings making the aforementioned nuisances inconsequential.

Most of the second day has been spent filming interviews with some of the many very knowledgeable and highly esteemed luminaries of the medical industry. The insight from these individuals has provided a uniqueness that rivals that of our environment. The opportunity to listen to these people speak coupled with the information provided by the roundtable in general has provided an excellent learning experience not just for the participants but for our crew as well.

Today we also had the opportunity to venture into downtown Telluride. The quaint, rustic area is the quintessential mountain town and offered yet another picturesque venue to shoot.

We were also able to also sit in on another SolidLine production, The Faces of Medical Error – From tears to Transparency: The Story of Micheal Skonlik. Yet another powerful story citing an example of medical malpractice that eventually resulted in a preventable and premature death. This also predicated yet another vibrant discussion this time focusing on patient consent for surgery and the level of involvement of family members in making these important decisions. Of course we’re there to capture every reflection and posit made to advance views of the issue.

The day will conclude with a little soirée in order to add some levity to what is, of course, very serious subject matter. After all sometimes the best avenues of communication are built outside of a classroom. What a better place to accomplish that than Telluride.

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