Don’t Just Show, Tell

Case studies, also referred to by marketing professionals as customer success stories, share a narrative of your previous and existing clients’ experiences with your products or services. Most importantly, these stories share how your product or service helped your customers succeed in their own businesses. These stories can be told in a number of mediums, from written testimonials to visual snippets of a larger corporate video production strategy.

Why Case Study Videos Are Powerful Marketing Tools

You can tell potential clients and current customers about your product or service in a blog or flyer or press release all day, and it may or may not inspire them to check out your brand. But video marketing content holds a particular power in modern marketing initiatives, with 88% of video marketers claiming a positive ROI from the medium. This is no surprise, considering how hungry users are for video content – 54% of consumers want more video content from the brands they support. What makes video case studies so effective?

Social Proof

The proof is in the visual for viewers. When they see another business in much the same situation as themselves benefiting from using your product or service, they can visualize their own success. In seeing the success of others, potential clients will be more apt to give your brand a chance, while the relationship with the clients featured in your corporate video production will be strengthened. The subject of the video will see that you value their business and their experience with the brand and help you to build that reputation in their own networks as they share their own exposure.

What You See is What You Get

Featuring clients using your products and services in promotional video marketing material reassures potential clients that there are no surprises in going with your brand. They can see it in action, they can see how others are using it, and if your video is honest and comprehensive, they might even get to see how to troubleshoot common issues or how your team mitigates customer concerns. This is as much an advertisement of your organization’s culture and ability to meet the needs of clients as it is a marketing tool to showcase user case studies.

How to Showcase Client Success Stories Effectively

Where should you be sharing your clients’ successes with your product? If your marketing team is savvy and you’ve broken the core video depicting the case study down into smaller, more versatile snippets, the best answer is throughout your inbound marketing framework. Feature customer stories in blog posts, use them as links in press releases, use the video in presentations and speaking engagements, and most importantly, link the video content across social media platforms. Maximized exposure of customer success stories is the ultimate goal.

We Can Help You Tell Your Brand’s Story

Solidlinemedia logoHere at SolidLine Media, we offer industry leading corporate video in and around the Chicago metropolitan market. Our promotional video marketing services help to share your client’s successes with your brand, ensuring future clients understand not only the value you bring to the table but also how much you in turn value their patronage. If you have a corporate video production need, and want to know more about our services, reach out to our team today, and we can help you create the video client testimonials you need to position your brand for success.

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