Companies like Chicago-based SolidLine Media have entered into this highly competitive field of corporate video production to offer solutions to companies seeking high quality training videos to use in the onboarding and training of existing employees on company standards, communicate vital product information, and provide training in competitive skill sets. Let’s explore together some of the benefits provided by the corporate video production approach to training and development.

Training Solutions for the Modern Age

capturing videoCorporate video production allows for professional and polished, high-quality training materials to be created according to your organization’s training requirements through a collaborative production process. The final products can improve training for incoming employees and existing employees across a number of metrics, including faster training times, lower training costs, improved retention, and increased engagement. Let’s dig into each benefit more in depth below.

More Efficient Training Cycles Saves Time, Saves Money

The most significant advantage to structuring corporate training materials around training videos is that the videos allow for faster, more efficient learning with little labor investment other than the employee undergoing training. Onboarding requires less engagement on the part of the employer, and can proceed at the pace at which the employee is comfortable with consuming the content at hand.

Unlike documentation and training manuals that rely on diagrams and instructions, training videos allow best practices and behaviors to be modeled in the way that they are expected to perform the task. It also allows team members to easily review video materials they might be unclear of or rewatch material in order to improve information retention.

Diverse Presentation Methods to Keep Training Engaging

videography session going onProfessional production companies specializing in corporate videos will be able to offer your firm learning materials that use creative storytelling, animation, action shots, interactive video, and other methods of presentation that keep the content engaging and informative without sacrificing quality or creativity in the process.

Training Videos Improve Brand Loyalty and Retention Over Time

Using corporate video production methods in the creation of training videos conveys to new employees and your existing staff that their relationship with your brand is highly valued. It allows you to create a narrative in which they play a significant role in the company’s success, and shows the types of behaviors that will be rewarded. Knowing what to expect ahead of time, employees will more likely embrace the culture and the rules of the company, and thus will have a longer tenure.

Create Content That Caters to Common Media Consumption Habits

In their everyday consumption of video, it’s been noted that 85% of Facebook video watchers view video without sound. When possible, corporate training videos should incorporate subtitles and text on the screen to support this habit and maximize engagement, especially with web-based learning systems allowing learners to engage with the material in any setting. This allows flexibility to be built into the training process and opens up the possibilities for self-driven training and skills improvements.

Your Trusted Chicago Video Production Service Provider

solidlinemedia logoCorporate video production operations such as SolidLine Media provide businesses with high-quality solutions for everyday training challenges. In order to streamline and improve the training process as well as increase retention and profitability, contact our Chicago video production team today and bring your training program to the next level.

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