Conferences provide a wonderful opportunity in the video production business. Not only do they provide the client with an opportunity to present their message to a room full of thousands, they provide the media production company a chance to feel the reaction of the crowd. There is no greater feeling than seeing a crowded room react favorably to your work.

Over the years, SolidLine Media has produced countless numbers of conference videos. Here are our Top 5 tips to making sure your next high definition conference video is a hit.

Start With A Countdown

video outputWe started producing 10 minute countdowns before our conference videos a few years ago – they were an instant hit. The videos are often shown early in the morning at the start of a conference – people are walking about, drinking coffee and mingling. When the show gets started, you want everybody seated and paying attention.

A thematic countdown paired with music and sound effects, coupled with a narrator calling out each minute before the show is going to start, creates a feeling of “what’s going to happen here?” anticipation. The perfect countdown, created in the style of your video, will get thousands of people to stop talking and take their seats.

Entertain! Entertain! Entertain!

About audienceThink about your audience. They have just traveled to a new location. It’s probably Monday morning. It’s early. You need to get them excited for the conference that’s about to start. Wake them up!

We always create a theme around our conference openers. We’ve had spaceship themed productions, “Back to the Future” (see above), “Transformers” (left), you name it.

Tying the conference with an engaging script and using the client’s branding throughout will create a production that is informative, while being a lot of fun to watch.

Use Popular Music When Possible

We usually do not use popular music in our video productions due to cost issues, but many conference settings give you the option to do so for the event only. You’ll have to re-score your video later if you plan to use it for other things (internet, DVD’s, etc.), but popular music can be essential to pulling off your theme at the conference – go for it!

Create Separate Audio Tracks For Narration and Music/SFX

We can’t stress this technical tip enough.

When you separate your narration from your music and sound effects, you give on-site audio/video technicians the ability to mix the sound live at the venue. Every place is different, the last thing you want is for the narration to be drowned out by the music and sound effects, or the other way around.

When you show up with one mixed stereo track, this worst can happen. You have to take room sizes, tones, and AV configuration into consideration. When you keep the tracks separated, you have the option to mix them on site. This makes the perfect audio presentation to go along with your perfect video. Remember, sound is just as important – this isn’t the 1910’s!

Introduce The Speaker

We always try to tie our conference opener videos together in a sequence – the countdown leads into the main video which segues to the first person who will arrive on stage to speak. This creates a smooth transition, not an awkward break where the audience wonders what is going to happen next. Plus, it makes the event looks much more professional and organized.

Those are our top five tips for creating the perfect conference video production. For more information on how SolidLine Media can create the perfect conference video production for your company, CONTACT US here.

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