We live in a world in which media is virtually around every corner we turn. We are constantly bombarded with various types of media – which comes to us in many shapes and forms. Studies from Texas A&M University state that the average American consumer is exposed to more than 850 commercial messages a day. It is impossible to escape it, and for good reason. Media is the vehicle in which we as individuals can express ourselves, and as companies it is a way we sell our ideas or services.

So…How is it that we can go about creating media such as promotional videos, television commercials, training videos, or conference videos that will resonate within our audience’s mind? There are a lot of questions to consider when thinking about creating a great visual message. A few to consider: How can we truly have a lasting impact on our audience when they are constantly bombarded with visual content? How can we stand out from all of the rest? And most importantly, how can we get them to act upon, or learn from, the information presented to them? The answer ultimately lies in a great creative concept.


Anyone can regurgitate information though a camera and on to a television set that will ultimately go in the audiences short term memory only to be forgotten minutes later. Raw information needs to be molded and applied in a fashion that the audience can relate to, yet also in a way they might find interesting. Entertaining is a good thing. People like to be entertained, even if it’s a training or educational video, sales presentation, or other marketing production. Entertain your audience and they will pay attention and retain information. A good concept allows us to do exactly that.


A concept can mean any number of things; from a story-line with a character animation, to a cutting edge visual style. There are a number of methods we can utilize to make video productions that are engaging for the viewer to watch. Any production company can gear up with high-tech video cameras and make you a “corporate video.” But does this video engage your customer? Your employee? Your client? Is your viewer going to act upon what they have seen, or remember your key messages? Without the foundation, or the concept, you cannot build the frame. And now think about a house without a frame…sound like a very ‘sound’ structure? Didn’t think so. A good concept is created by taking into account a client’s goals and expectations, their target market, branding, and what they want to communicate to their audience. At SolidLine Media, we take into account all these important variables and then brainstorm as a team on how we can communicate that message in an interesting, fresh way. Each concept is custom, unique to each client and each production. After all, it is the original and great ideas along with the subsequent well executed concepts that will allow you and your company to stand out in a media saturated world.

So when you want to produce a truly high end video production, don’t be afraid to create something special… entertain your audience…and make them wanting more of what you got. And…don’t forget to call the Creative Team at SolidLine Media!

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