The company wastes no time; my first assignment comes on my first day at work. At zero eight hundred hours, my very own M (Allison Miller) calls me into her office. She informs me that I will be traveling to Florida. The mission? Assist the production team in their quest to film footage training videos for Avfuel, an aviation fuel supplier.

Mission prepping involves strategizing with the Director of Photography, Ed “Q” Boe. During this technical briefing, Q shows me special equipment to be used in filming during my mission. Even though the meeting moves rather quickly, I grow impatient with Ed. I keep waiting for him to give me a ballpoint pen with exploding capabilities. Instead, Ed gives me a dry marker and a clapperboard. I do my best to figure out how to detonate the clapperboard with the marker, but still haven’t figured it out… yet.



James Bond may have his cramped gas-guzzling Aston Martin DB5, but SolidLine Media boasts a 50-foot, Volvo-powered RV. Which one would you rather travel in for a 21-hour drive? I agree – the SLM RV is the best choice. The rig is equipped with gadgets that would make any production challenge shake in its boots. We have HD cameras that capture images sharper than Jaws’ stainless steel teeth. We have lighting kits that can light up SPECTRE. We have a sound gear that can even pick up Oddjob’s sneeze. With gadgets like these, no video project can stop SolidLine Media.

The on-location shoot proves to be quite the adventure. I find myself in a Casino Royale-esque situation when I singlehandedly try to stop an individual from stealing a fuel truck. Okay – that’s not entirely true. I’m given the opportunity to fly a small plane. How Bond of me! Before takeoff, the pilot gives me a quick tutorial on how to operate the plane. “Pulling the controls makes you go up; pushing the controls makes you go up.” Easy. We reach 10,000 feet above the ground and the pilot directs me to take control of the yoke.

Showtime! As I grab the controls and push up so expertly that an error message immediately pops up on our screen.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The aerometer is broken.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The confused pilot looks at me. My eyes are calm but my heart is shaken… At least it’s not stirred.


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