Episode IV: A New Video

A long time ago in a studio far, far away…. young winter intern Chris Tracz is thrust into the struggle of video production when he comes across Producer Obi-Wright Kevin. Kevin begins to teach Chris how to create award-winning videos. They soon embark on a daring mission to help Princess Ali complete a job for SolidLine Media (SLM). She lends her droid named Ed2B2 – a robot with vast knowledge of camera equipment and cinematography – to aid Kevin and his apprentice on their journey. The group travels to the Garden State planet to film a video for Ingredion. During the shoot, Chris proves that the Talent is with him by helping to produce an amazing SLM video.

Episode V: The Boss Strikes Back

It is a busy time for Ed2D2 and Chris Tracz. After their successful trip to New Jersey, they must journey across the galaxy to return to base. Upon arrival, the weary travelers go their separate ways for the short weekend. Meanwhile, the evil boss Darth Vass and his fleet pursue Ed2B2 as well as Princess Ali and John Solo; he wants to assign them more work to do. Chris journeys to the remote Art Department to learn about animation from Art Master Petrik. When Vass captures Chris’s friends, Chris must decide whether to complete his training and become a well-rounded Producer or confront Vass and help his coworkers.

Episode VI: Return of the Intern

Chris Tracz returns to the East Coast in an attempt to capture footage for his friend John Solo to edit. Joined by Ed2B2, Chris manages to streamline the entire film shoot through the use of the Talent. With his strong organization and effective communication, Chris is able to wrap up the shoot quickly and – more importantly – win the approval of Darth Vass. Ed2B2 and Chris finally return home and reunite with their friends. Celebration breaks out in the office when news of a successful production is heard. Happy to hear about Chris’s success, Darth Vass redeems himself by assigning less work for the staff and more work for the intern. At long last, joy is restored to the studio – for now.


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