November included bursts of busyness! The biggest shoot I participated in was “Mecum’s Gone Farmin’ Vintage Tractor Auction” in tropical* Davenport, Iowa! I wrangled cords for a camera operator–made sure he (and bystanders… and a dog) didn’t trip over (or get tangled in) cables. For some odd reason, people tend to get upset if they get anaconda-like wrapped-up in audio and video wires… On a side note, I learned that continuously crouching down and then standing up (for about 6 straight hours) gives the ol’ legs/thighs a great, aerobic workout**!

The crowd was rowdy. Each audience member was dressed head to toe in his or her own unique tribal outfit. Some were adorned in makeshift astronaut suits, handmade wrestling unitards, civil war era battle armor, and psychedelic flower patterned tuxedos… Wait. No, that was just a weird dream I had aboard the SLM Production Truck. Or maybe the hallucinations (or “vision quests”) were due to the copious amount of diesel fuel fumes I unintentionally inhaled earlier in the day? Anyways, two glorious nights sleeping in that traveling-video-crew vessel made me really miss my cozy, comfortable abode back in Chicago!

Gone farminNext up were two interview shoots in Dallas and Austin. I forgot how big the sky truly is. That may sound silly, but it’s true. After a year and a half living in the “City by the Lake”, I’ve grown accustomed to being surrounded by skyscrapers, elevated trains, and a myriad of other metal/concrete manmade structures. The endless Texas landscape welcomed us (Ed, Kevin, and myself) with arms wide open.
Now you have that nifty Creed song stuck in your head, right? Well, that’s the best way (and quite possibly the ONLY true way) to conclude any blog.
*tropical = the gray, desolate doldrums of another midwest winter
**much like this rad dude and dudette:

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