Founded by two local entrepreneurs/parents of a disabled child, Steve English and Kate Driscoll, Changing the Face of Beauty is a campaign “To integrate individuals with disabilities into general advertising.” Both actively involved in the disabled community, English and Driscoll couldn’t help but notice the glaring lack of representation of disabled children and adults in the media, particularly in advertising. By combining their passion, business skills and Driscoll’s photography talent, they aim to change that imbalance once and for all.

We believed in Driscoll and English’s mission and agreed that the disabled community is too large to be this under represented. In order to be truly accepted and integrated, this had to change. Changing the Face of Beauty came to us with a lot of beautiful footage and a beautiful mission, so we lent them our editing skills.
The end result is truly moving.

Changing the Face of Beauty from SolidLine Media on Vimeo.
To learn more about Changing the Face of Beauty, visit their webpage at:

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