From headshots to office lifestyle photos, photographs showcase the professionalism of your business and give viewers a sense of your company’s mission and daily operations. Companies today are offering remote working arrangements and virtual client consultations. Compelling photography can put a face to a name and add a personal touch to your social media, website, and client communications. In addition, internal newsletters featuring current photos can help to build company engagement and a sense of community amongst team members.


Coming with all the benefits of photography, videos take your marketing one step further. Professional video productions enable large amounts of visual and auditory information to be conveyed in a single segment. Businesses commonly make use of the following types of videos:

  • Trade show videos: These videos show footage of the events at a trade show or conference, from keynote speeches to breakout sessions and discussions. Trade shows are great opportunities for businesses to showcase their offerings in the best light.
  • Social and web videos: Filmed for the purpose of being uploaded to a business’s website and/or social media pages, these videos can be informational, promotional, or instructional. The goal is to increase customer engagement and brand awareness.
  • Instructional videos: Businesses in niche industries will benefit from posting instructional videos to explain a concept or teach viewers how to do something specific. Even if your product or service is relatively simple to understand, instructional videos are a great way of setting the right tone for your brand and engaging with customers.

How Photography and Videography Complement Each Other

Undoubtedly, it is best to utilize photos or video on your website instead of just having pages of text. Despite their high engagement factor, featuring too many videos on your website can make it slow to load. This is where photos come in, ensuring that your website looks vibrant without slowing it down. You can make it work by embedding videos on select pages of your website while adding in a mix of photos — a perfect balance to increase engagement without affecting site loading speed..

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