Videos are the answer. This doesn’t mean turning regular phone calls into video calls (although there’s nothing wrong with that.) To truly get the most out of videos in sales means you incorporate it through every part of the process. This means that you include videos in your prospecting, sales pitches, and even during follow-ups. Here are some ways you can use videos in your sales practices.

Prospecting Emails

Everybody agrees that email marketing is one of the most popular ways to reach new prospective clients. Unfortunately, this means that unsuspecting leads are bombarded with dozens of unwanted emails on a daily basis, each one promising more than the one before it. A bigger problem? All these emails look almost exactly alike, just rows and rows of plain text.

By incorporating videos into this part of your sales process, you immediately differentiate yourself from most of the competition. Videos immediately add a human touch to an otherwise bland text email. This can go a long way in building the type of connection you need to entice your lead to click through your email. In fact, surveys have shown that click through rates for emails with video are up to four times as much as for emails without. Given these numbers, it only makes sense to start adding video content to your emails to improve their performance.

Video as A Storytelling Tool

prmotionalvideoOne of the best ways to sell your product is to create an emotional connection with your potential customers. Few things can do that better than crafting a story that they can connect to and relate with.

Sales videos can be an incredibly useful tool when it comes to getting your story across. The written word just can’t match the emotional and immediate impact of a well-made video. Once your product has made a personal connection with your sales lead, it will be that much easier to sell to them.

Recap Meetings with Videos

Nobody enjoys recapping meetings. It’s time-consuming, boring, and mostly considered a necessary evil. By using videos to recap meetings, you turn this otherwise tedious activity into another opportunity to solidify your personal connection with the client. A quick 2-minute video recap of your meetings lets you get more face time with your potential clients while letting you confirm and communicate the things discussed in the meeting. Meeting recaps are a necessary part of the process. Using videos lets you turn them into opportunities to gently follow up on deals that may have stalled.

Videos are the future of content, with over a billion hours watched every day on YouTube. You need to get on this trend, or you’ll be left behind. For expert video help, check out SolidLine Media, a Chicago video production agency. Our experts can help craft videos that quickly connect with both your potential and future clients.

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