Benefits Of Virtual Product Launch Events

Since the start of the pandemic, in-person events had to rapidly adapt to restrictions such as social distancing rules. The digital landscape has become the forefront of many industries and virtual events are becoming the new norm. While they have existed for a long time, virtual product launch events have become increasingly prevalent.

The virtual space has proven to be a reliable and effective alternative and has prevented physical events from being postponed or canceled. By moving online, organizers and businesses were able to host virtual exhibitions and product launches without having to sacrifice audience reach.

Increases Reach and Visibility

Virtual product launches have shown to have better reach and higher visibility on the brand’s part. One of the main reasons is that brands can reach potential customers anywhere across the globe. Attendees are able to participate and get involved in the event from any location, physical events have a limit on the number of people who are allowed to enter.

Our SolidLive virtual event production services can stream high-end videos on multiple platforms simultaneously. Whether you plan on demostrating your latest products on Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, or a website at the same time, we have got you covered. There is no limit to how many people can tune in to your live product launch event.

Improves Audience Engagement

Online product launches have better engagement due to interactive features that allow individuals to contribute and be heard in the process. These include live audience polls, Q&A segments, and surveys that can be held during a virtual event. Breakout rooms also allow individuals to have more interaction with brand representatives. Overall, virtual events keep participants engaged for a longer time which is definitely a plus point for the brand! 

Here are several suggestions on how you can use SolidLive to recreate a physical event down to the smallest detail:

  • Conduct a presentation to introduce the new product and follow up with a live Q&A session.
  • Set up one or more virtual booths to explain various use cases. Direct audience members to separate chat windows for one-on-one assistance with a representative.

The main benefit is that these virtual sessions can occur simultaneously and there are no interruptions. At SolidLine Media, our complete studio capabilities consistently deliver high-end video and audio to audience members. This commitment to quality ensures that all clients maintain a professional image.

Overall, virtual events help significantly reduce costs as well. A smaller budget has to be spent on renting a physical venue, hiring onsite staff and moderators, finding accommodation and travel options for team members, and more. If you are interested to find out more, feel free to contact us today.

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