That’s why we utilize a hair and makeup professional whenever the budget allows. Ashley Vest is one of our go-to beauty pros. We thought we’d ask her a few questions about why professional hair and makeup is so important in any production, and what it’s like to work with the SolidLine Media team.

SolidLine Media: When did you realize you had a gift for visualizing, and crafting, hair and makeup?

Ashley Vest: Growing up in my mom’s salon I saw firsthand how powerful her gift to transform people could be. Everyone is beautiful, and what we should be doing is enhancing our strengths and worrying less about our weaknesses. My mother instilled in me a desire to help people become the best version of themselves.

SLM: Have you had any “Wow!” moments in your career thus far?

AV: In the nine years I’ve been freelancing as a makeup artist, I have had a million. By and large, they’ve been when I do someone’s makeup, they look in the mirror, and are in love with their reflection. I want people to feel great about themselves when they leave my chair. Confidence is the secret ingredient to beauty. That’s why I started The Beauty Parlor makeup studio with my dear friend Ann Marie Weinert. We teach people how to do their makeup like a pro. We get to show people how beautiful they are, how awesome is that?

SLM: What are you looking for when you’re applying makeup to talent?

AV: I look at what is beautiful and  unique about each person. If I have a “real” person in my chair, and not an actor of model, I like to chat about what they love about their face. Start with the eyes – they’re the first place people look. Defining them is important. I’m obsessed with eyebrows. Eyebrows not only frame our face, but they’re non-verbal clues as to what we are feeling. Incorrectly shaped eyebrows can make us look angry, surprised, or sad  when we’re not feeling those things at all.

Ashley Vest applies makeup
Ashley Vest applies makeup during a shoot with SolidLine Media.

SLM: The key is to make it look like people are not caked in makeup, right? How do you do that?

AV: If we were still greasing the lens and blowing out every imperfection with hard lighting, then yes – the more makeup the better. But we are in the era of high definition video production and digital photography. Skin needs to look like skin, not like a mask. Luckily there are techniques, products and tools to make this possible.

SLM: Why do you think it’s important for a client to opt for a professional like yourself to do makeup and hair, and not just do it themselves?

AV: It’s a practical choice. I’m trained in how to do makeup for on-camera work. I know what will and won’t look good on screen. Most makeup people buy at drugstores and even department stores don’t work on camera. And even if they do, you need to know how and where to apply them. Additionally, I stick around for the entire shoot to touch up hair and makeup. If you’re in front of the camera, you have enough to worry about. Let me worry about how beautiful you look!

SLM: Finally, what do you like about coming in to work at the SolidLine Media studio?

AV: The greatest thing I got from working for SolidLine Media was meeting my best friend and soon-to-be husband Ed Boe (SLM’s Director of Photography). So, besides providing great video services for their clients, they also provide great match-making services for their crew!

To inquire about how a SolidLine Media video production with professional hair and makeup can add to your next production (sorry, match-making not guaranteed!), CONTACT US HERE.

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