So far at Solidline Media, mostly everything that we have filmed have been on-location based shoots. While those are fantastic, being able to control your environment and make shots appear the way you want them to look is one of the most valuable assets when it comes to this type of industry. Last week, we finally hit the studio of Resolution Digital Studios in Chicago for our shoot with ISMIE. Even though it was only a two-day shoot, I still learned more than two days worth.

Throughout the two days of shooting, we covered 5 different scripts all needing different types of sets. Ranging from a doctors office, to a lawyer’s office, to even testimonial to the camera, I was offered my fair share of various lighting situations throughout the two days. When we were in between scenes, I mostly helped with lighting for the next scene. Once lighting was completed and we were ready to film, I had the job of shot logging each scene while Ryan, the other intern, handled the slating of each scene.

One thing that I have learned is the importance of slating and shot logging when dealing with a large amount of media. In college, the films we made were so short that we could get away with not having a slate on set. Looking back, not taking the extra 5 seconds it takes to slate and shot log would have solved any headaches and made the post production process go a lot smoother.  Working with a production company like SolidLine helps you realize the importance of taking these steps.

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