Broc_Beach-225x300Since today is my birthday, I will be short. Last week at SolidLine was without a doubt the busiest time so far of my internship. It started Sunday when I was shipped off to Miami with Greg & Michael. The very next morning they shipped me back to Chicago with equipment for the weeklong shoot at ARGO.
Tuesday morning we drove out to the ARGO plant where we shot various parts of the plant. The very first thing we had to do was watch a safety video. Ironically we were there to make the new one so we (Kevin, Ryan, and myself) took mental notes on how to make it better.
Our first day went by with a flash and the next thing I knew I was back at the factory Wednesday morning ready to film again. Filming the same safety content we filmed on Tuesday, Ryan and I decided to switch duties for the day. Using my iPad, he took shot logs while I slated scenes. This was new to us as well as SolidLine because we were so busy grabbing equipment that we forgot to grab the shot log papers.
The one thing that I will remember about the ARGO shoot was despite all of the safety regulations; the team from ARGO that we worked with was some of the nicest people to work with. They listened to Kevin’s ideas and always made sure we got the shot that we wanted, not what we had to settle for. Working with people like the team from ARGO makes for a smoother, more fun shoot and overall makes a better-finished product.
B-roc out.

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