But what’s the use of pros if they don’t share their expertise with the world? As regular editing gurus, we rolled out a series of videos sharing tips and tricks for the Avid Media Composer editing system. The series of ten episodes aired on our very own website this past spring and was hosted by none other than SolidLine’s Director of Post Production, ‘Sir’ Michael Kromm.
Each of Kromm’s Avid Tips tackled a valuable process that has the potential to save a lot of time and/or frustration in the future.
“I feel that sharing some of my favorite Avid Tips gives back to the Avid user community,” said Kromm about why he wanted to do the series, “There are many different avenues that can be taken in Avid, yielding the same result, but why not take the path that gets you there faster.”
Even Avid was excited and grateful for our series and posted it on their own Facebook page. Avid’s Social Strategist Adam Kranitz stated, “The beauty of SolidLine Media Director of Post Production Michael Kromm’s editing tips are that they are approachable for the newcomer to Avid editing systems yet insightful enough to please even the most veteran editor. We love the enthusiasm Michael bring to the videos, his passion for his craft is unmistakable. And, we know our customers love tuning in to each episode. Thanks Michael!”
In fact, we received so much positive feedback about Kromm’s quick Avid Tips that one of our New Years Resolutions is to bring back the tips series for Cinema 4D and After Effects.
“Theres nothing worse than having an idea and not being able to execute because you don’t know the proper short cut or technical work flow,” says SolidLine Editor, John Courchane.
Good advice doesn’t have an expiration date, so, for those who missed it, we’re sharing the editing love again.
 For your editing enjoyment, Kromm’s Avid Tips:

  1. How To Create a Custom Keyboard
  2. Organizing Your Bins
  3. Interview Editing Using Waveforms
  4. Duplicating Sequences
  5. Using Indicators to Track Changes and Keep Order
  6. Organizing Layers on the Timeline
  7. Selecting All Tracks
  8. Using Match Frame
  9. Opening Bins from Another Project
  10. Watching the Entire Sequence

We want to make sure we’re giving our audience the tips they need, so sound off in the comments with any questions you have about Cinema 4D or After Effects!

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