How was Vegas? What were you doing there?

IMG_5539-1-300x225MK: We were attending Avid Connect 2017 – so many possibilities. Avid Connect is put on by the The Avid Customer Association. ACA is the world’s most innovative and influential customer-led community of media and entertainment industry professionals. Lots of networking, collaborating, and overall good times with other Avid users. The atmosphere is very energetic and as always, Avid goes first class. You can read more about the Avid Connect experience here.

What was your favorite breakout session? What did you learn?

MK: My favorite breakout session was about moving your content fast. In addition, we learned about the difference of how folks are using local, private cloud, and public cloud to achieve maximum efficiency with their work flow. The Session was called, “Move Your Media Content Across the Platform at Maximum Speed.”
Here’s some info about the breakout:
With the exponential growth of video content, the advent of geographically dispersed production teams and the promise of cloud-based storage, archive and asset management, media enterprises have come to rely on high-speed file transfer in virtually every workflow. The session was put on by Aspera expert, John Wastcoat, he taught us to discover how custom-tailored integrations of Aspera’s Emmy® award-winning transport technology within the Avid Platform are making it practical for remote teams to collaborate and access their content, to take entire or partial workflows to the cloud and drastically reduce time to market.
Some cool take aways:
• Transfer video and metadata at full bandwidth, regardless of distance
• Retrieve media clips securely from remote storage at high speed
• Automate and take your content workflow to the cloud

Tell us about the panel discussion you were a part of.

MK: We were discussing tips and tricks about How Not to Screw Up When You Crew Up. It was a fun casual discussion about the production side of the industry. Our goal was to have a someone new to the industry gain some insight on how they could break in or separate themselves as a freelancer. Just some of those take aways were keeping your social media up-to-date. Not having a automatic voice message on your phone, personalize it. Have your demo reel at the top of your website along with links to your social media. And most importantly, get involved even if the “pay” is not always there – the connections to those new people you will meet helps tremendously in the long run.

What would you say to someone who's thinking about going to Avid Connect?

MK: I would say that there are a lot of educational opportunities but most of them are very high level and not so much for the individual Media Composer user.

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