Considering how much fun we had on this project, we asked SolidLine Media Art Director Mike Petrik to show us how he puts these characters together. Of course, it all starts with the concept. From there, Mike takes a first stab at designing the character. After cycling through different breeds of dogs, here’s what Dr. Wellington looked like on Day One….

Once the initial design is approved, Mike moves into creating that same character in 3D. Dr. Wellington then looked something like this….
Vet Exercise

This is where the client needs to make any last design revisions. Once the process moves into rigging and actual animation of the character, it’s very difficult to go back and redesign.
It’s also important to note that when all of this is happening, the final Nutri-Vet scripts are heading into their storyboarding phase. Here are some examples…
showing siting positions

These storyboards give both the client, and the art department, a visual image of what the video will look like. This is an extremely important part of the production process that keeps the art department, writers, producers, and client on the same page.

Now there are no surprises when we reach the rough cut stage. After final tweaking of the character, and other parts of the video, we have our finished videos. You can watch all three of the Nutri-Vet promos below. For more about their fine products and services, visit their website at! And if you’d like to bring your business to life with some cutting-edge animation, contact us HERE.

Nutri-Vet Joint Care Promo

Nutri-Vet Teeth

Nutri-Vet Skin

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