Carole King has won Grammys. She’s been covered by countless artists. She’s written hit singles for others. The woman has gone everywhere a female musician can ever dream to go.
Even the bowling alley.

On tonight’s “American Idol,” the contestants got to sing their favorite Carole King song. After “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” Steven Tyler went full Kingpin and shared a story about how the song was playing the first time he ever made out with a girl.

In a bowling alley.

And he “didn’t strike out.”

Let’s just say J.Lo wasn’t turned on, but at least it brought some unpredictability to the “IN IT TO WIN IT PANEL.”

Meanwhile….talent coach Jimmy Iovine’s damage control went into hyperdrive. I guess having Miley Cyrus’s producers on wasn’t enough to make up for his “YOU SING BETTER THAN MILEY CYRUS” dig when mentoring Lauren Alaina a few weeks back. This week, the legend herself (Yes, I’m talking about Miley Cyrus here) surprised Lauren at her coaching session – making yet ANOTHER awkward moment. Jimmy must have taken some serious heat from the CyHards.

The show also featured the contestants singing in results-show-esque duets – the highlight of which had to be James Durbin and Jacob Lusk. Not because it was great, but because of Steven Tyler’s displeasure with the spectacle of it.

TYLER: “Not sure it was the most award-winning performance, but God knows you both can sing great….where were you going with all of that?”

DURBIN: “Church”


Let’s praise the Lord and break down tonight’s WORST TO FIRST INITTOWINITAMEN!!!!!

6. Jacob Lusk – “Oh, No, Not My Baby”

I never like to criticize personal appearance, but I did not get what Jacob was wearing tonight. Was it Tucker Carlson’s turn to dress the contestants? The guy can sing (Jacob, not Tucker), but I didn’t think the song fit him all that well. He’s peaked and doesn’t seem to change much from show to show – he should be gone this week.

5. Haley Reinhart – “Beautiful”

This was a toss up between Haley and Lauren tonight. Haley just seemed a bit off – maybe it was the technical difficulty with her ear piece, or Ryan Seacrest running over to goof on the trombone player after the song had just begun. She definitely got back on track towards the end, but it wasn’t my favorite moment for her. Steven Tyler “saw God in her voice.” Maybe I’m going to the wrong church!

4. Lauren Alaina – “Where You Lead”

Lauren has been my pick to make the finals for weeks, but I keep waiting for her to break out of her glass case of emotion. The girl has a tremendous voice, but she’s showing her young age and inexperience. She needs to pick it up and fast.

3. Casey Abrams – “Hi-De-Ho”

Grrr! Yow! Rarrrr! Is anybody else getting tired of this act? Harsh words for my #3 of the night, I know, Casey was good. He put himself right back into his jazz club setting, donning the trendy hat and working the stage. J.Lo wants to see him loosen up even more – the guy kissed her last week, what else does she want? It’s a family show – take it backstage.

2. Scotty McCreery – “You Got A Friend”

McCreery opened his song with a tone nobody knew he had. Once again, the guy has really shown tremendous growth. I’m no huge country fan, but it’s getting to the point where even I am excited for this guy’s album. It was stronger at the start and got a little predictable towards the end, but Babyface’s touch really showed. If Scotty was smart, he’d keep BF’s number handy when it comes to album cutting time.

1. James Durbin – “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”

The first few seconds of this song was Durbin’s magic moment. As he sang the first few words a capella and somewhat restrained, it was clear that he was – dare I say – INITTOWINITYEAHYEAHYEAH! That means it was really, really good – inducing a hug from Randy good. I agreed with Steven Tyler who thought it dropped off a bit when he went back into his screaming rocker thing – hopefully when James watches it back he’ll see how effective he can be as a controlled singer. Easily the winner of the night.

Now to your favorite part – who’s going home!

BOTTOM THREE: Jacob, Haley, Casey

HE GONE!: Jacob

See you all next week to break it down!

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