Let’s just say I need some sleep. And I have a desk full of WORK that needs to get done. Yeah, American Idol recapping doesn’t pay like it did when David Cook was melting our hearts with Lionel Ritchie covers. #HELLO

This week brought us more than a few emotional breakdowns, one even inspiring a touching Ryan Seacrest toss to break (anybody else feel like they were watching a “very special episode” of their favorite sitcom?). The truth is, it’s nice to see a singer connect with the material – as long as they sound good.


5. Jacob Lusk

Don’t mean to be piling on, I know I picked Jacob to leave last week. He chose to sing Chris Brown’s “No Air” which was an awful fit for the soul singer. Randy agreed and questioned his thought process. He went back to his roots on his second song, but it just wasn’t anything new for me. This could be it.

4. Lauren Alaina

I thought she crushed her first song, showing plenty of personality and what a Lauren Alaina record might sound like. But her performance of “Unchained Melody” (eek, Simon’s favorite!) felt like a high school talent show. She has a great voice, but this wasn’t much to write home about. J.Lo chose to check out and not even judge it. Meh.

3. Haley Reinhart

I really like Haley’s spunk and even dig her sound from time to time, but she really faltered with her first song choice tonight. She was talked into singing a not-yet-released Lady Gaga song (which wasn’t all that great and was pretty much panned by the judges. Sorry LG!). But she absolutely killed her second song “House Of The Rising Sun.” Hopefully it’s enough to keep her here.

2. James Durbin

Durbin got the biggest INITTOWINIT of the night. Durbin is really becoming the dark horse of this show and moving up to frontrunner status. Randy went as far as to say it was his to lose. I’m not there, yet….but he once again had a very emotional moment during his last song – how about that tear trickling out right as that close up cam was moving in? That’s what we call DIRECTING MAGIC, SON!

1. Scotty McCreery

He absolutely tore up the stage with his first performance, then melted the heart of every tumbleweed in rural America with his second. I really don’t see how this guy is going to lose this competition. But hey, I’m no expert – just a guy who writes a blog about this show EVERY WEEK.

Let’s do some predictin!

BOTTOM THREE: Jacob, Haley, Lauren

HE GONE!: Jacob

See you next week to break it all down.

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