If you like it then you shouldn’t put pitch in it!

Leave it to Beyonce, tonight’s guest mentor, to steal the American Idol spotlight. She’s talented, knowledgeable, and extremely watchable.

Then there were the contestants.

I kid, I kid! The talent wasn’t so bad tonight. Scotty showed off his slightly higher range (and I mean slightly). Lauren showed some charm after resting her arm on Ryan Seacrest’s shoulder. And Falley Reinhart and the Family Band took on Robert Plant.

Stop laughing. She actually did him some justice!


Let’s find out who WAS IN IT TO MINUTE IT YEAAAAAAAAAAH round by round.


3. Lauren Alaina

Props to Lauren for making it this far. She certainly has the talent to win American Idol. But she just can’t create that magic moment on stage. Not even the most Bootylicious diva ever (or as Randy says, E-VAH!) could get her to snap out of it. Hopefully she can loosen up by round two.

2. Scotty McCreery

Scotty aimed to show off his higher range with Lonestar’s “Amazing.” He did a serviceable job. It wasn’t one of his bigger moments, but the song fit his twang well. Would I be rushing to download it from iTunes? Absolutely not. Dust off that jean jacket and pick it up in Round 2.

1. Haley (And The Traveling) Reinhart(s)

I just about spit my Bulls Kool-Aid across the room when I heard Haley would be taking on something by Led Zeppelin. I mean, it’s Robert Plant. ROBERT…..PLAAAAAAANT.

But there she goes, proving me wrong once again.

Despite slipping and falling when running around the stage, Haley showed tremendous range and picked a song that really showcased her personality. She hit every note she had to, and even HAD HER DAD ON LEAD GUITAR –  easily the coolest moment of  the night.


3. Haley Reinhart

Hey, I’ve got an idea! When she starts singing about the wind, let’s hit her with a big wind machine!

Iovine’s pick of Fleetwood Mac’s Rhainnon started off really strong, but when Haley hit the chorus, it kind of fell apart for me. Maybe it was the gale force winds blasting in her face. At least she’ll be prepared to sub for Jim Cantore in case he’s sick during the next hurricane!

2. Lauren Alaina

“You, Lauren, have the most beautiful tone,” said J.Lo. Iovine pegged a song for Lauren that highlighted that tone really well, but it was up to her to sell the emotional angle. She stumbled a bit in one part and recovered. Much better than Round 1, still not as good as she’s capable.

1. Scotty McCreery

Jimmy Iovine had Scotty sing “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” by Thompson Square – a really solid choice. It was nice to see the country boy with his acoustic guitar and plaid shirt….all that was missing was a guy to smash a bottle of Coor’s into the floor when he wrapped up.


3. Haley Reinhart

I feel bad for Haley, here. The judges had her sing Alanis Morissette’s “You Outta Know.” It takes a woman scorned by Uncle Joey to belt this one out properly, and in the context of Happy Happy Fun Fun American Idol, it just doesn’t work. She worked it in the choruses, but overall, MEH.

Will her opening song be enough to get her into the final?

2. Scotty McCreery

He announced to his hometown grocery store that he would be singing Kenny Rogers. The tweens screamed, then texted each other, “OMG…WHOS KENNY ROGERS?!”

J.Lo channeled her inner Paula Abdul when the camera caught her singing along in closeup. It was another solid effort. The best part of it was when Seacrest had Scotty’s dad sing, “Better lock them doors and turn them lights down low!”

1. Lauren Alaina

She saved the best for last, that’s for sure. Lee Ann Womack’s (one of Randy’s BFF’s *cough* name dropper *cough*) “I Hope You Dance” was one of Lauren’s better moments in weeks. Will it be enough to get her into the final pair? FYI…J.Lo’s goosebumps are not for sale.


Going with my homemade point system, it shakes out like this…

Haley: 5

Lauren: 6

Scotty: 7

It’s hard to go against the MarcusPuter, but I think the strength of her first performance and being from the Chicagoland area will be enough to keep Haley around. That means it’ll be a sad night for…….

SHE GONE!: Lauren Alaina

Big finale next week! See you then. BLACK TIE OPTIONAL.

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