SLM: So Ali, tell us a little bit about Boot Camp and what you learned.

AM: The Boot Camp is a great way to familiarize yourself with online marketing campaigns and to learn inside tips for customizing the layout, message, and branding of your email marketing strategy. Businesses these days must have an online presence because without it, their credibility will be questioned by potential customers. If your competitors have a strong online presence and you don’t, chances are you’ll lose out on that business. That’s where this training comes in handy. It helps you come up with creative ways of engaging fans and effectively promoting your services online, and it stresses the importance of setting appropriate goals for your internet marketing.

SLM: Who would you recommend this training to?

AM: Anyone and everyone who has a Constant Contact account and wants to learn more about online marketing. I walked away with great tips for improving our monthly newsletter and daily social media share tactics. There is a fine line between over-sharing and under-sharing; that is an important lesson to learn when marketing your brand and one which is discussed in this course. Our instructor, Alex Holden, presented lots of interesting facts that made us all think about how to improve our online campaigns — especially how to make them more engaging.

SLM: Any plans for future Boot Camps?

AM: Constant Contact offers a more advanced email marketing course that I plan to attend in the fall. They also have courses on social media marketing and creating successful events — check out their schedule to find out when they’ll be training near you!

There you have it, folks. If you’d like to learn more about online marketing, Constant Contact’s blog is a great resource.

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