Last year, all of  CS6 was made available on disc for over $2,000 and once purchased you owned a copy of the program. Individual programs of CS6 were also available for a $19.99/mo subscription, or the entire suite could be “purchased” via subscription for $49.99/mo. With the change, the Creative Suite will only be offered via subscription and no box sets will be sold.

Naturally, there are pros and cons. For some designers and studios who don’t update their Creative Suite every time Adobe releases a new version, the yearly subscription and forced updates will cost them more money. For studios and designers who do update their Suite regularly, the Creative Cloud subscription is a more affordable plan. Adobe also hopes that this will cut down on the piracy by making popularly pirated programs such as Photoshop more accessible without dropping a lot of cash at once.

With Creative Cloud you can install your programs on both operating systems, where as when you purchased a disc set you’d have to choose the Windows or OSX version.

From a user standpoint, nothing will change. However, every 30 days the system will check to see if your subscription is still valid and active. If not it’s goodbye Creative Suite.

The major con for some is price, for others it’s simply the disdain for yet another monthly bill.

The SolidLine Art Department is pro Creative Cloud. Art Director Mike Petrik says that Creative Cloud is the way it should be done, “All your apps, projects, assets all synced up, whether you are using it solo or within a team.  Sounds pretty great to me.” Petrik looks forward to how Creative Cloud can further streamline the workflow at SolidLine, “Working with a team, the ability to comment on projects internally and bypass old fashioned email streams where information is easily lost and  buried. Pretty smart.” Not to mention that you get the new updates immediately.

At SolidLine, we’re excited to see how the Creative Cloud can best serve our needs and workflow.

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