What are you thankful for this year?

John Courchane: Not working retail for the first time in 16 years.
Mike Petrik: I can totally bench like 250 now. Squat 300. That’s waaay better than last year.
Ali Miller: Having my own office at SolidLine, bubble baths, Purple Line Express, punctuation marks, coffee, sharpie pens, Goolge+, and the birth of my godson.
Michael Kromm: Family
Ed Boe: Gangsta rap
Greg Vass: My supportive family and the continued success of SLM, and In-n-Out Burger.
Ryan Nice: Halo 4

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition or memory?

Mike: Over eating.
Ali: Making pineapple casserole. Tis delicious.
Kromm: Always having Thanksgiving on our family farm.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

John: Samosas
Mike: Thanksgiving burritos
Kevin Wright: Whiskey
Ali: Deviled eggs
Kromm:  Mash potatos w/ gravy
Ed: Rare lamb
Greg: My mommy’s homemade stuffing
Ryan: The plate

What’s “your part” of the turkey?

Ed: I’m rather low on the family pecking order, but I still usually get my pick of any of the bones.
Greg: Mike Petrik
Ryan: Istanbul

If you get the wishbone, what will you wish for?

John: For a safe, fun and deer-filled white-tail hunt with my family.
Ali: To grow a foot or two.
Kromm: To health

How do you cope with the excessive amount of food?

Kromm: I complain about eating too much.
Ryan: Zzzz….uh?

What is your plan for Black Friday?

Mike: Shop till I drop with Justin.
Kevin: You mean Buy-Nothing-Day?
Ed: Lord of the Rings Special Edition (both the extended movies as well as all the special features) marathon.

If you could say anything to the guests at the first Thanksgiving dinner, what would it be?

Kevin: Cover your mouths when you sneeze, you’re killing your hosts.
Ali: Where are the deviled eggs?
Ed: I would tell them about Thanksgiving Burritos, and how to make them.
Greg: Why turkey and not steak?
Ryan: “Hello simple humans, I am a magical being from the future. Look at my magic iPad. Worship me!”

If you could re-name Thanksgiving what would you call it?

John: Aaron-Rogers-Is-Awesome Day
Mike: Tomhanksgiving
Kevin: Macy’s-Target-Sears-Old Navy-Walmart Pre Black Friday Sale!
Ali: Thankjimmy Day
Kromm: Givingthanks
Ed: Thursday or Thor’s Day as it was initially known
Greg: SolidLine Media Day (you know just to get an extra day of work in during the year)
Ryan: Gut-Bustin, Belt-Adjustin Extravaganza Bowl Series Championship 2012 Presented by Audi

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