A Culture of Sharing

A staple lesson of childhood was always sharing. Whether we were sharing toys with our siblings, lunch desserts with our schoolmates or just our feelings in a time out, sharing was an encouraged and often rewarded part of our upbringing. However, the growth of technology and social media has given ‘sharing’ a whole new meaning.

It’s grown beyond sharing a pack of gushers at the lunch table. Sharing has a world-wide scope. No longer limited by who we can physically connect with, we share recommendations, photos, videos, contacts, feedback, stories and so much more with the whole world. It’s a powerful practice for individuals and brands.

However, while some brands dominate the social media landscape, others struggle to attract likes and retweets. The successful have tapped into our share-happy culture. They are not necessarily sharing better than everyone else, but they are sharing smarter.  Some things just share better than others.

What shares best?

Photos and video.
According to data provided by Simply Measured for M Booth, it is photos and video that drive the most user engagement for Facebook’s top ten brand pages. For a company to share a photo before they would have to publish ads, send out a press release or craft a mailer or newsletter. Now over 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook a day. Brands can release promotional images to followers on Twitter or to the 100 million people using Instagram with a click of a button. Here at SolidLine Media we love to share unique and fun production photos from the road as our crews travel the globe producing high end video production content.
Say what you want about Instagram creating self-declared photographers out of every ordinary Joe with a smartphone; the application’s reach goes far beyond pretty filters and photos of food. Instagram empowers companies to easily represent their brand through photography.

Instagram hit 100 million users in just under two years; it took Facebook four. Facebook bought Instagram for one billion dollars. Why was Instagram worth that much? Sharing power. Not only does Instagram enable social networkers to enhance their photos with filters, it’s use of hashtags and a Twitter-like follow system facilitates organization and sharing between people of like interests.

 Share, share, share, engage

As witty as your company’s tweets are; photos and video just share better. Video hosting giant YouTube also boasts over 100 million users, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute.
Images and video are a powerful way to humanize your brand and visually communicate with consumers. Strong, entertaining visuals provide a window into your brand. They make your company more than a name and a logo.

Share your brand. Create compelling, shareable content with a snap of a photo or a well-crafted video. It’s like Thanksgiving, but instead of gathering together and sharing a meal, you are sharing your story and you don’t even have to be in the same country, let alone the same dining room.

In order to connect with more followers and influence more people you have to lead more conversations. You have to share. Check out SolidLine’s Facebook page and you’ll quickly get a sense of our culture and fun the SLM crew has every day!

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