Video Costs $1000 Per Minute

At one point (in the 1980’s) this was true… but not so much anymore. Budgets range depending upon the complexity of the video, and I can tell you a 3-minute video for $3,000 sounds like you’d be sacrificing quite a bit of quality. We always send samples of our work along with production quotes so potential clients know what to expect. The truth here? You get for what you pay for.

We Can Fix It In Post

Ok, we love our Editors and are amazed by all the tricks they have up their sleeves, but you can’t rely on the Post team to fix all the mistakes you make while filming. Pay special attention to consistency errors between shots — we like to take notes to ensure we have everything right! Making movie magic during Post-Production only goes so far. In order to alleviate issues, our crew creates an efficient plan detailing all we need to film and how much time we can allocate to each scene so nothing is missed on the shoot days.

You Can Produce A Viral Video

Folks, we hate to break your hearts, but there is simply no formula for creating a viral video. There are companies who specialize in video distribution, but if anyone actually ever promises to make your video go viral I suggest you walk away. They’re lying, and lying is not nice.

Video Costs Too Much

Blasphemy. If you’re producing a promotional or explainer video, you will make your money back due to the new business your video creates, as long as you promote it effectively. You will also save money if you’re producing a safety/training video: now instead of paying staff to train new employees, you can just fire up that video and voilà! No man-hours wasted.

Graphics Are Simple And Don't Affect Budget

If our Motion Graphics Artists had a dime for every time they heard this false claim, they’d be living on beaches by now. There is a reason we start talking graphics design during the initial production kick-off meetings, and it’s because they take time. Our rule of thumb: if you see something you don’t like, speak up now! It’s much easier to make changes at the beginning of the process rather than waiting until after everything is animated.

You Must Make 500 DVDs Of Your Video

We understand that sometimes DVD duplication is needed, but trust us, it usually isn’t necessary. With technology on the rise and attention spans on the decline, you’d have better luck sending someone a link to your video instead of a DVD. Plus it’s a money saver to host your video online. Who doesn’t love to save money?

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