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This month, the SLM crew traveled to Cleveland to produce a video for Cleveland Clinic at their Medical Innovation Summit. Over the course of three days, the SolidLine Crew filmed interviews, keynote presentations, panel discussions, and b-roll footage and edited the video onsite. The Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit brings healthcare leaders together to advance conversations of medical innovation and quality care by reflecting on steps made thus far in the healthcare industry and discussing ways to further positive change. It was SolidLine’s job to fully produce a wrap-up video onsite, which debuted to over 2,000 conference attendees. The production will also be used to promote next year’s Medical Innovation Summit.

“It’s a fun challenge to fully produce a video so quickly,” states SLM Producer, Ali Miller. “We wrote the script and recorded narration beforehand, so once we got to Cleveland, it was all about filling in the gaps with appropriate soundbytes and b-roll footage. Watching our videos on the big screen always gives me goosebumps – major props to Rob and Kromm for filming and editing all the content in such a short amount of time. And can’t forget our Cleveland Clinic team- they are such a pleasure to work with!”

Check out the wrap-up video we produced onsite below.