Welcome to Final Four weekend! All in all, relatively boring tournament this year, if we’re being honest. Maybe it’s because last year’s was so absolutely insane, but this year has felt a little flat. A few good finishes, and if you like to bet the spread some decent games, but in terms of quality basketball games…meh. Thank God NHL playoffs are right around the corner, MLB season starts Monday, and the USA Men’s National Team is making a push for World Cup qualification this week. Also, The Masters.
In terms of our SolidLine bracket, we’re pretty much down to a two horse race between Greg Lewis and Dan Johnson. It’ll all come down to Monday’s (probable) match up between North Carolina and Gonzaga. If I was a betting man (and I am) I’d put my money on North Carolina beating Gonzaga (and I did) to claim their first title since 2009. Considering this whole season will probably be vacated in the wake of the impending NCAA academic scandal, Tar Heel fans should enjoy it while it lasts.


And as for the SLM crew, we all did pretty terribly.