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Our summer interns are entering their final stretch.

All of our SolidLine Media interns walk away with plenty of hands-on experience in the video production field. To cap off a great summer, we asked Ryne Knudson and Dylan Ptak to participate in our first ever SolidLine Intern Editing Challenge. Each would create their own SLM 11th Anniversary Video, we’d post each video here on the blog, and allow readers/viewers to vote for their favorite!

Here are the rules:

1) The video has to be less than 3.5 minutes long.

2) Both videos must use the same interview footage of SolidLine staff.

3) Each intern must complete their edit in one day.

The intern who gets the most votes through the poll below will win a SLM trophy and endless celebration from the staff. But the real purpose of this contest was for both to get more experience working in our Avid Editing Suite, and have some fun in the process.

They didn’t disappoint. Each created a fun video celebrating SolidLine’s decade-plus in business. WATCH the videos below, then VOTE for your favorite today….

Intern Dylan Ptak

SLM DylanAni 08142012 from SolidLine Media on Vimeo.


Intern Ryne Knudson

SLM RyneAni 08142012 from SolidLine Media on Vimeo.


Now, bragging rights are in your hands, SLM blog visitor! Vote for your favorite video in the poll below. Voting closes on Wednesday, August 22nd – we’ll announce the winner here on the SolidLine Media blog!….


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