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At SolidLine Media, we offer a wide range of video production solutions:

Promotional Videos 

Create engaging videos that communicate your brand’s value proposition, your products and services, and your culture. We work closely with our clients to produce video content that compels and captivates their audience, inspiring them to take action.

More than anything, our promotional videos don’t just deliver information, they also evoke an emotional response in your audience.

Training Videos 

Use videos to educate and inspire employees, students, and volunteers among others. Training videos are a fantastic way to make learning more fun and engaging, making any instructions and educational materials easier to remember. Indeed, who needs textbooks when you have videos?

Conference Videos

Let your exhibitors and attendees know about your next conference with SolidLine Media’s conference video services. When we shoot videos of your conference, our aim is to give people who can’t be there the next best experience. Whether it’s a kick-off video to generate hype for your event or a recap video showing the conference’s highlights, our videos let you do it in style.

Motion Graphics

Every brand needs a high-quality motion graphics video that communicates their value proposition, beliefs, and ideas. SolidLine Media uses 2D animation and 3D animation to produce video content with plenty of energy which is essential to make an impact on your audience.

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What to Expect When You Work with SolidLine Media

  •  Our Chicago-based video production agency operates with the same full-time in-house creative team, ensuring that our clients get the same quality of work that we pride ourselves on.
  • We also give you a comprehensive video production proposal, complete with a bottom-line price that ensures you won’t get any surprise charges. No cost overruns and no hidden fees, guaranteed.
  • And while we operate out of Chicago, we have served out-of-state clients many times. You can rest assured that we won’t charge you for any travel expenses, provided that the shoot happens in the United States, of course.

For Your Video Production Needs in Chicago, Work with the Best

Solidlinemedia logoSolidLine Media has made it this far over the past 18 years for a good reason. We’re passionate about creating videos that tell our clients’ stories across a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, transportation & logistics, and associations.

Ready to jumpstart your video marketing efforts?  Reach out to the experts at SolidLine Media today!

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Regardless of the type of video your organization needs from our team, there’s a
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