Not sure why they waited until the end of the business day on the west coast to make such a major announcement, but Microsoft is officially in the tablet game.

The company unveiled its new tablet computer they’re calling Surface, featuring a 10.6 inch HD screen. It runs either Windows RT or Windows 8 – the RT version measures just 9.3 mm thick, while the Windows 8 version runs a bit thicker at 13.5 mm.

But perhaps the coolest feature is the magnetic cover that doubles as a keyboard. The device also features a pop-out kickstand. Check out this demo video to see how it works….

There are still a few big questions after today’s debut – how does it handle in action? When will it be available for purchase? And how much will it cost?

Check out the company’s official promo video for the device…..

Here are some of the Surface writeups from those who were able to see it today…..

– Mashable has more on all of the ports you’ll find on the device.

– Engadget has a pretty thorough hands-on write-up of the Surface.

– Gizmodo has more on how the device is a PC and a tablet at the same time.

– The Wall Street Journal doesn’t know exact pricing numbers, but they say the tablets could be “surprisingly expensive.”

So what do you think? Will you get in line for a chance to buy a Surface? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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