By Matthew Bradley, SolidLine Media Fall Intern
As we would say in my neck of the woods back in England, Alreet (that means hello). My name is Matthew Bradley and I am the latest participant to have stumbled into the Internship program here at SolidLine Media. I’ve gone from the purgatory world of administrative temp work, where the highlight of my day was grabbing a can of diet coke and a “fun” size Snickers, to being a part of the industry I’ve always wanted to be involved with and loving every moment of it.

From time to time you hear stories of interns not getting a fulfilling experience on their internships, as the company they have worked with have not delivered on their promise of what the internship would entitle. This is certainly not the case at SolidLine Media.

I’ve only been here a month thus far and already have been involved with multiple projects for different clients. I’ve constructed the rough cut edit from an interview we filmed for a nonprofit organization called RAMP, slated and shot logged for our ISMIE shoots, and got to be a camera operator for over three days of live broadcast from the ASUG conference in California. As I write this blog now, I’ve been assigned the task of finding quotes for the costs of renting an Ambulance. Everyday here brings fresh new challenges.

One of the greatest tools that’s handed to you here at SolidLine Media is the staff that it keeps. Back on the first few days of the internship I was really nervous. I hadn’t been able to pursue my interest in the industry since I graduated over three years ago, and on top of that I felt like the world’s oldest intern at nearly 26 years old. However, the crew members here are great. From day one I was made to feel that I was part of the team with the amount of responsibilities handed to me.  The crew also helps to facilitate your requirements to learn here. Whatever questions you have, they will always be happy to answer them and help you out.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been here for a month, as I’ve done so much already. The experience I’ve gained in this first month will prove to be invaluable and I can’t wait for what will come next.


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